ICEEP III Conference Recommendations

  1. Increase awareness programs in Palestinian society toward energy saving and environment conservation throughout workshops and educational publications.
  1. Enforcement of all environmental policies and regulations related to
  2. Using Solar Energy in domestic and industrial facilities and imposing energy auditing requirements, and facilitating them by giving incentives from government.
  3. Enforcing strict regulations related to opening new quarries and not issuing any certificates before conducting full geological geophysical and environmental studies.
  4. Reduction of solid waste generation and dump disposal at the source by encouraging separation, of watts.
  1. To support academics, Researchers and graduated students in energy, environment and climate change programs by establishment of energy and environmental fund.
  1. Increasing efforts and cooperation between academics and industrial sectors and community in order to implement the awareness programs leading to pollution reduction
  1. To encourage using environmental friendly building construction materials in order to reduce emission of green house gases.
  1. To work over establishment of smart cities, concentrating on effective use of energy and applying news technology toward environmental protection.
  1. To restrict and ensure rejection of any kind of cooperation between Palestinian communities and Israeli settlement, in any solid waste water projects.

Conference Chair / Dr. Sameer Khader
Scientific Chair / Dr. Nabil Al-Joulani
October, 2013