Master of Mathematics


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The mathematics master program was launched in the year 2006. This program aims at providing a specialized cadre in mathematics and it has an important role in stimulating Scientific Research. Moreover, it opens the way for some qualified candidates to continue their higher education.

This Mathematics Master Program is a general math program of 36 credit hours. It consists of two tracks: the Thesis track and the Comprehensive Exam track . The program plan is divided into 3 sections.

  1. Compulsory requirements (18 credit hours)

  2. Electives (12 credit hours): the student chooses four courses of the electives

  3. Either a Thesis or two Seminars and a comprehensive exam.


In this program, we are keen to work as a team, and we will work to ensure quality standards in teaching and research activities in order to produce distinctive cadres with a high level of knowledge to meet the developing needs of the labor market and to give them the possibility of completing their study in the world's most prestigious universities.




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Wadi Al Harya
Building C
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واد الهرية
مبنى C
هاتف : 02-2233050
داخلي : 9299
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