Graduate Studies Council

The Graduate Studies Council develops and formulates the general policies for postgraduate studies and prepares its regulations, as well as follows-up of the different postgraduate programs at the university. The council issues directives to improve the outcomes of postgraduate programs to meet the needs of society and the international standards. The Council is chaired by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research and includes members of the faculties of the university.

Current Council Members




Dr. Nabil Arman

Ph.D. in College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering

Dr. Iyad Hrebat

College of Applied Sciences

Dr. Rami Arafeh

Biotechnology Center

Dr. Marwan Jalouds

College of Administrative Sciences and Informatics

Dr. Murad Abusubaih

College of Engineering

Dr. Bilal Almasry

College of Engineering

Dr. Khalid Qtoof

College of Humanities and Educational Sciences

Dr. Deia Abuzaineh

College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering

Dr. Mahmoud Nassar

College of Applied Professions



Dean Office
Wadi Al Harya
Building C
Tel : 02-2233050
Ext : 9299
Email :

مكتب العميد
واد الهرية
مبنى C
هاتف : 02-2233050
داخلي : 9299
بريد الكتروني :